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We need your help to plant the Red Zone with native trees and plants, on Sunday, June 23rd, from 10am to 12pm.

We provide the plants and tools. You just need to plant some trees! We recommend bringing waterproof shoes, and clothes you don't mind getting muddy. Fun for the whole family!

The planting site is at Atlantis St/Chimera Cres in North New Brighton. We'll be putting 5000 plants in the ground.

We're Eco-Action Nursery Trust. A charity that grows native plants from local seed in 23 schools around Christchurch, then organise planting days to plant them in the Red Zone.

We've been operating since 2017, and we've been steadily increasing the number of trees we grow and plant. This year, we're putting 60,000 in the Red Zone and around Christchurch. Because we keep growing, we need you and your whānau to help.

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